Aadhi Bhagavan

Interesting in few places

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The rustic reality of nativity, extremely explicit violence and what else? A tragic climax to leave a lump in throat of audience has been the heart and soul of Ameer movies. Barring his maiden debut 'Mounam Pesiyadhe', rest of his films have been patently based on these attributes. This time, with Aadhi Bhagavan he gets down to a full-fledged commercial movie. If you have watched Vishal's Samar, there could be little similarities to strike with Aadhi Bhagavan nothing else to draw comparisons.

If you are looking out to pick out the major plus in this film, we can clamorously claim that it's a stylish film of the recent times in Tamil film industry due to top-notch technical aspects (sorry to say! Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical score is a big letdown). The cinematography by Devaraj remains as the absolute show-stopper while crisp editing by SP Ahmed that becomes icing on the cake.

Don't get into your own thoughts for not boarding on the synopsis and analysis of Aadhi Bhagavan for we incisively thought listing out the best aspects of this film would be a better.

Set in backdrops of Bangkok, we find Jeyam Ravi as Aadhi, a powerful mafia kingpin and he falls in love at first sight with Neetu Chandra puts him through a mission - accompany her to Mumbai for her own reason. The cosmopolitan city has some other plans for Aadhi as hegets succumbed to unexpected upheavals.

If you are planning to watch Aadhi Bhagavan, we have a couple of movies for you to keep in mind while watching it - Prashanth's Appu and Ajith Kumar's magnum opus Varalaaru. Don't assume AB to possess even a partial trace of these flicks, but there is something special you'll be surprised with.

Revealing too much about Jeyam Ravi's characterizations will break the supsense elements, The actor has exerted his efforts to modulate his voice and exhibit a different style of performance to fit his roles to T. Especially, he is over the top in stunt sequences that remains as the major highlight. Neetu Chandra might not be seen too glamorous and she deserves praises for selecting such an uniquecharacterization.

Is it really Yuvan Shankar Raja or someone misusing his label to score music for AB? An unexpected work of mediocre that keeps us disappointed with all songs and the background score.

While the presentation of the film, specifically the visual panache is at its best, the lengthy screenplay with some sluggish events, especially in the first half. By the time, the twist occurs, we tend to notice that the audience would be almost exhausted.

Overall, Ameerin Aadhi Bhagawan looks like an effortful work from Ameer in many places, but as a whole, it remains as a passable entertainer.

Verdict: Interesting in few places

Review by Richard Mahesh

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