Poor writing and depiction becomes a spoiler

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What could have been a fascinating biopic turns out to be an unamusing docudrama. During the pre-release media interactions, filmmaker AMR Ramesh had shot the words directly from his shoulders that it's a film based on intense research over the life of the Forest brigand Veerappan and his assassination. In fact, the film had raised up the expectation levels of both Tamil Nadu and neighboring states on both controversial and inquisitive aspects. Of course, both the states have had an inseparable link for this personality.

Getting down to the analysis of Vanayudham, it remains as an ironic depiction of Veerappan from beginning till end. Let's get it clear - AMR Ramesh had unexplored grounds of sensitive issue through his 'Kuppi', but what fails him from reaching to match at least half thelevel of his previous movie. Maybe, certain restrictions over showing the reality or he didn't have a proper research done. Perhaps, it's a close call and dragging upon these argumentations would turn this review into a critical affair.

Usually, a biopic movie wouldn't have a lengthy synopsis and so is Vanayudham. By nature, such films depend strongly on thenarrative style with engaging screenplay and powerful characters... What's disappointing with this film is that the characters turn out to be bleak in spite of having great actors. Kishore as Veerappan spells his best with an incredible performance. He sketches every action with an easy and effortless manner. There is nothing to blame on the actor for his acting deserves appreciation. Apparently, same credits go to Action King Arjun. Although, Ramesh has managed to make modifications over his character with the real life reflections, his screen presence is commendable. Sampath on his part does justice to the character and National award winner Jayabalan of 'Aadukalam' fame sleepwalks through his role as an ex-military with gray shade personality. Vijayalakshmi doesn't get a proper footage in the film and this very reason becomes the terrible disappointment to the audiences.

With the film completely shot amidst of forest, the cinematography by Vijay Milton stands out brilliantly in every frame, but the background score and discontinuities in editing turned out to be a minus.

On a final note, the film fails to keep us intact due to lots of illogical elements that are incongruent between real and reel life incidents. If AMR Ramesh had faced so much of pressures to reduce the reality element, he could have better avoided picking up this theme for his film. Apart from the good performance of actors and cinematography, there is nothing big to get impressed with this film.

Verdict: Poor writing and depiction becomes a spoiler

Review by Richard Mahesh

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