6000 + 4Crores for Jeyam Ravi

6000 + 4Crores for Jeyam Ravi

News 9-Feb-2013 2:41 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Picturing an action sequence is always a challenging task. If then, imagine about an action scene with 6000 people involved into the frame at a budget of Rs 4Crores. Well, when Aascar Ravichandran is producing a movie, you need not have such imaginations as he turns the unbelievable things into reality. This is all about his upcoming production ‘Bhoolaham’ starring Jeyam Ravi and Trisha in lead roles, which is directed by Kalyana Krishna.

We had earlier mentioned in news that the entire crew is busy now shooting for an action sequence involved with lots of chases across the monumental region of Thiruvannamalai. Of course, this has really left everyone awestruck in town. The monumental fight sequence is placed between Jeyam Ravi and Arpeet Ranga that is expected to be one of the greatest highlights in this film.

The fight sequence has been shot with 4000 students, 1000 junior artists, 150 trained athletes and sportsmen from Chennai and Thiruvannamalai.

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