Special 26

Come and get involved in this heist

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At the times, when we feel that Bollywood is severely bound to prototyped style of presenting rich-colorful movies sans substance, it surprises as vividly. A couple of weeks, we had the arrival of Race-2 that was laced with a brilliant writing and stylish picturing. Now it's a high time for Akki fans as the actor comes around a different role from his previous movies. He might have been an Action King, but this time draws us into the film being brainy rather than getting brawny.

The story is based on the real life incident that happened in March 1987, where a bunch of crooks posing as CBI officers carried on with their heists.

This real life incident fictionalized revolves around Ajay (Akshay Kumar), a sharp minded personality hatching stunning plans with his team of Sharmaji (Anupam Kher), Iqbal (Kishore Kadam) and Joginder (Rajesh Sharma) loots the money from politicians and big shots in the business. Things get pulled tight, when a CBI inspector Wasim (Manoj Bajpayee) along with a sub-inspector (Jimmy Sheirgill) begins their hunt on these common.

But again, it becomes a puzzling moment for everyone watching the film who's the real goodie and baddie.

If you're one among us, just go watch the film for its thrill moments.

When someone comes up with a story beyond radical norms, it heavily banks on the writing. Of course, Neeraj Pandey had already proved his adeptness in debut film 'A Wednesday', a film with two old versatile actors, yet captivated the attention of universal audiences. We wouldn't say 'Special 26' is an 'A Wednesday' for the latter one is a masterpiece and this one turns to be a commercial entertainer albeit its inspiration from real incidents. The screenplay becomes the greatest asset here as we are kept intact from beginning till end. Anupam Kher as usual walks away with praises adding more to the humor element in the master plans of Akshay. Manoj Bajpayee looks serious adapting to the situation and Jimmy Sheirgill is stunning and decorous in his performance. Kajal Agarwal gets a meaty role when compared to South movies. In fact, the south filmmakers should learn to portray her beautifully rather than asking her to pose in skimpy costumes.

On the technical front, we must appreciate cinematographer Bobby Singh for a fantastic job of canning Delhi and Kolkatta in late 80s' ambience. The tone and setting of film indeed take us back to that era.

Neeraj seems to have intentionally added up few songs to refresh the audiences from serious chases and thrill moments, but it could have been avoided.

Overall, Special Chabbis doesn't carry out something serious to think as we walk out of theatres, but take the delightful moment of watching a taut thriller laced with engrossing moments.

Verdict: Come and get involved in this heist

Review by Richard Mahesh

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