Experience the new F(Ph)ase of Horror!

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Every time when we glimpse at the trailer of Hollywood supernatural or horror movie, it apparently gives us a distinct picture that they're nowhere different from the other ones. Obviously, things weren't different while looking onto the trailer of 'MAMA' that created a huge sensation right with its posters. But sooner after travelling five minutes into the film, we realize that it is unparalleled and not the routine way. 'Mama' scares you at many places freezing your adrenaline glands to a greater extent.

Yes, you will find the traces of some Horror movies of Hollywood, but the concept picked by Andres Muschietti completely unique and picks up your interest in the first place itself. The film boasts of a strong plot with promising characterizations sketched by the auteur.

The film is based on the 2008 short film made by filmmaker Andres Muschiett and has a strong appeal of different horror strokes to offer Goosebumps. You don't find the disturbing images, loud noises, et al to push you through the scariest moments, but Andres piles up the tension layer by layer. Insidious, Paranormal activity kind of movies has possessed the traits of usual aspect, where we find kids playing with invisible characters. Over here, we do find the same, but are convincingly done to give a different feel.

Credits to the director for going for the best actors in the casting. Jessica Chastain of Oscar nominee fame 'Zero Dark Thirty' forms intriguing part of this film with her spellbinding performance. Normally, the Missies in horror movies would be molded up either to an enticing gal or the one always ready to scream over the scary quotients. But what Jessica does is completely different and she becomes the ultimate show-stopper here.

Coming down to Kids Megan Charpentier and 4-yr old Isabelle Nelisse: they're brilliant here. It should have been a difficult task for Andres to have the stereotyped roles like a family, home, kids bound to horror, but shape them up differently. You'll incisively notice it up with their looks and mannerisms in the trailer.

There are some heart-touching scenes in film including climax that will move you with emotions. Revealing more than this would be an absolute spoiler.

All we can say is 'Mama' might have a couple of Hollywood stereotypical horror movie factors, but it deviates from the usual way standing out as one of the best horror movies in Hollywood made this decade.

Verdict: Experience the new F(Ph)ase of Horror.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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