Shankar's I Budget Stuns Bollywood

Shankar's I Budget Stuns Bollywood

News 9-Feb-2013 9:59 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Undoubtedly, Shankar is the highest paid filmmaker in Indian film industry for his movies pump up more profits the producers. Following the huge success of Endhiran, the director took a deep breath of pause by remaking 3 Idiots as Nanban, which performed extraordinary as well. Sooner, he kick-started his next film with Vikram titled 'I' that is rolling fast on the floors.

Actor Vikram in his recent interview with Bollywood channels revealed that the film is made at a whopping budget of Rs 145Crores.

The statement popped up when the journalists pointed out that South Indian artists aren't keen on making their venture here in Hindi film industry. Apparently, Vikram mentioned that the actors get paid very well down the south and there is no reason that they should draw their lines in Bollywood unlike South actresses, who can make it happen everywhere in showbiz.

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