Race 2

Join the race without expectations!

Reviews 28-Jan-2013 10:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Last time, Armaan was on a cut-chase of coldcocking his step-brother and now it’s a Race set on fiery grounds of love, money and power. Race 2 sets your celebratory moods bigger with right coalescence of adrenaline-rush moments laced with characters brimming with machos sending gals into trauma of excitements, seductive missies twisting your nerves with oomph factors, incredulously stunning stunts that lets our adrenaline glands frozen and what else – the plot and gripping narration that keeps you intact throughout the show. The prequel had men throbbing with their brainy moves and here, it’s time for brawny strokes.

The gruesome death of his fiancee (Bipasha Basu) takes Ranveer Singh through a precipitous revenge-seeking race grids filled with contrast characters – Armaan Mallick (John Abraham), who heads the Indian mafia and more business along with half-sister Aleena (Deepika Padukone). The red-hot Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) becomes the favourite of Armaan that gets the race more entangled. And finally, things get knottier the conman RD (Anil Kapoor), a retired cop and wiz in solving enigmatic cases with Pasion Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega attitude along with his numbskull-yet-spicy assistant Cherry (Ameesha Patel).

Comparisons aren’t preferred in reviews, but it’s quite unavoidable here for the mere reason of Fast Vs Fastest versions. From the opening credits, it’s an edge-on-seat moments with racy moments with action and glam-appeals. Of course, the brainy factors do persist for a longer hour, but a drift in narration during second half makes it little sluggish. Earlier, it was Don 2 that followed the same pattern of ‘Heist’ and here with Race 2; we can find such instances that hold to be a main drama in the second half. Saif is no different from the old Ranveer and he is still the same (Kudos to the actor for wielding the same physique, looks, mannerisms, et al) and John Abraham stuns you to the core with his mind-boggling action sequences. Deepika throws heavy deal of glamorous spell and her makeover and costumes are stunning. Jacqueline Fernandez tries to keep herself a central object and achieves it a certain extent. She is enticingly beautiful breathing life into the character of a seductive girlfriend. Adding humour element to the fiery race is Anil Kapoor with his witty lines and his clueless girl Ameesha is good albeit superficial (she is not as appealing as Sameera Reddy)...

If the makers had ideated for a sharp inclination of placing more twists and unpredictable climax blue-pencilling few songs, Race 2 would be have been racier surmounting our expectations.

If you are a hardcore fan of RACE, then this one might not keep you engrossed as its prequel. Well, if you want to enjoy this show, just sit back; sprawl out your legs and watch it without any expectations. Maybe, directors Abbas-Mustan would have felt it easy on borrowing the storyline of Goodbye Lovers and went astray in creating a new concept of their own to recreate the magic.

Verdict: Join the race without expectations.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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