Muktha Srinivasan Wants Vishwaroopam Issue Solved

Muktha Srinivasan Wants Vishwaroopam Issue Solved

News 26-Jan-2013 2:57 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Muktha Srinivasan and Kamal Haasan were at loggerheads over the film Nayagan which was made nearly 25 years ago. Muktha Srinivasan has produced this film with Kamal in the lead and sold the rights of GV Films. After 25 years, Kamal made some statements about Nayagan and this ensued into a war of words between the two veterans.

Putting is all these differences aside now, Muktha Srinivasan convened a press meet to let people know his stand on the Vishwaroopam issue.He said that though the film has been censored, the court is guided by the law and hence the decision of the Judge to see the film before vacating the stay on it cannot be found fault with.

Muktha Srinivasan added that Kamal and the representatives from the Muslim organizations should discuss the issue and remove the offending scenes, if any, so as to allow the release of Vishwaroopam soon.

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