Is India Secular, Ajith Asks

Is India Secular, Ajith Asks

News 26-Jan-2013 1:36 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

On the occasion of the Republic Day, Ajith has released a press statement wondering if we are Secular nation after all that is going on in the country, especially in Tamil Nadu without pointing out any particular event or incident.

In the press note he has asked, “Is India a Secular nation or being played on the basis of vote bank politics?” Adding further, the star said, “Democracy and Secularism are being misunderstood as clichéd words that are just adjectives for our nation. Time we lend our ears to the actual values that the country lives for.”

He rued that the trend of the day is all the words have been clichéd, misunderstood and misconstrued despite the Constitution declaring India as a Sovereign, Socialist, and Secular.

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