Vishwaroopam is quite confusing with the film traversing from live to flashback and vice versa

Reviews 25-Jan-2013 3:02 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Kamal Haasan’s magnum opus, made on a budget of nearly 100 crores, hit the screens in some parts of the country and world today. While people in Tamil Nadu were not lucky enough to catch this film on the silver screens due to the ban imposed on it by the state government, his fans in other parts of the globe did manage to watch it on the first day of its release.

The first half an hour of the film is a masterpiece from the Ulaga Nayagan, no doubt. The classical dance and the amazing fight sequence during this time period show the brilliance of the man behind it – the one and only Kamal Haasan.

However, the story that ensues is a bit confusing especially the one that happens in Afghanistan and Pakistan as the audiences are not able to decipher why the story moved there.

Vishwaroopam is about Jihad – the fight between the Jihadis against the US but there is no link as to why Kamal went among them.

The film is advertised to be made on a budget of 100 crores but nowhere through the film could one see that richness. It is true that Vishwaroopam has been shot in Afghanistan, Jordan, the US and other foreign countries but considering the budget, audiences would be disappointed if they expect the grandeur in Shankar’s films!

With two heroines in the film – Andrea and Pooja Kumar – one would expect at least a couple of duets but there is no scope for that as well as considering the storyline. Kamal could have included some comedy sequences to provide some relief to the audiences but for some reason decided to do away with it or perhaps the storyline did not give scope for it.

In all, Vishwaroopam is quite confusing with the film traversing from live to flashback and vice versa.

It is a film that the first benchers will never be able to understand. But for an ardent Ulaga Nayagan fan who was able to understand all his masterpieces this would be another feather in Kamal’s highly adorned cap!

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