KS Ravi Kumar Does It for Free

KS Ravi Kumar Does It for Free

News 23-Jan-2013 2:30 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director PT Selvakumar thanked director KS Ravi Kumar for doing a cameo in Onbadhula Guru. The director said that when he requested KSR to do that role he immediately agreed to it despite being busy with the Samy remake in Hindi.

Further, when the film’s producer wanted to pay him for the work done, KSR refused to take the payment stating that he had done it specifically for PT Selvakumar. Recalling this incident during the press meet, PT Selvakumar thanked KSR profusely for the kind gesture.

PT Selvakumar also had some kind words to share about Sathyan. He stated that Sathyan is a very genial actor which makes him lovable and easy to work with.

On working with Sathyan, the director said that he would certainly find a berth in all his future ventures.

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