INKAAR – A mediocre drama

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As Bollywood has big releases queued up continuously for next few weeks, it’s time to go for a different show like Sudhir Mishra’s INKAAR. Let’s not say, it’s a daringly challenging film as it touches an unexplored panorama of concept. Often we hear the news about sexual harassments happening in many work places and most commonly, the men at top level management are found to take advantage over the meek female staffs (as spotted in newspapers). It’s not a real life inspiration or doesn’t run heavily on art film genre for there have been several Hollywood and Hindi films like Disclosure, Aitraaz, etc. The film stars Arjun Rampal and the well-celebrated beautiful actress Chitrangada Singh (beautiful but doesn’t get a meaty role anywhere).

Set in backdrops of sexual harassment, the film revolves around Rahul (Arjun Rampal), CEO of a leading advertising agency. On an unexpected turn, scenario turns out to be more off bizarre when he is accused of his sexual harassment towards Maya (Chitrangada Singh), creative head of his ad agency. What unfolds next is an unbiased interrogation that happens within the company to settle the dispute and find justice for the right one.

To start off with the analysis of INKAAR, it was earlier Madhur Bhandarkar usually gearing up with such themes, where a weaker sex would face its hurdle while turning the spotlight on her. Of course, this journey includes a couple of pals standing by her side and one amongst them would gain his intimacy, which finally turns out to be either a break-up or betrayal that make her a victim of whimsical persecution. INKAAR isn’t a mere exception as Maya faces the same situations through her progressive stage of career life. Sudhir doesn’t get stuck with the female protagonist, but records the real-life haps of advertisement agencies.

When it comes to narrative style, the film slightly traverses through the way of ’12 Angry Men’, where the a bunch of characters shoot out their advocacies for two parties, but takes a deviation as the flashbacks unfold behind 7 years as the characters including Rahul and Maya rewinding through their own POV aspect.

On the whole, INKAAR could have been a thriller if Sudhir had tried conquering the audiences with more conflicts, but instead turns out to be a slow paced drama that remains hackneyed in many places. It’s a film that serves to a miniscule cohort, but can be appreciated for the naturalistic stylish performance of Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh.

Verdict: INKAAR – A mediocre drama

Review by Richard Mahesh

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