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A taut thriller of cat-n-mouse!

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It’s a different experiment from Vishal-Thiru combination. When the actor’s career graph was literally dwindling due to mediocre commercial movies, debutant Thiru came into picture exhibiting Vishal as a sweet loving chap in Theeratha Vilayaattu Pillai. And again, while his previous film Vedi turned out to be a disaster, it’s the same filmmaker having him back under the spotlights. Yes, Samar might have arrived without fanfare, but turns to be a surprise for the audience as they have something unlooked for.

The trailer might have instigated our assumptions that it’s a time-worn double action drama that revolves around mistaken identities. However, 40 minutes into the film proves us wrong and it’s time to embrace something unusual here.

After three months of break-up, when Sakthi (Vishal) receives a letter from his ex-girlfriend Rupa (Sunaina) with a flight ticket to Bangkok, where she is settled, he is bound to irresistible glee to revive their relationship. While boarding the flight, he comes across a beautiful girl Maya (Trisha), who helps him through the procedures of security check points in airport. Soon after listening to his love story, Maya gets acquainted with Sakthi and indeed presents with gifts for his girlfriend. Things turn out to be a deplorable moment for Sakthi as Rupa doesn’t turn up as she mentioned in the letter.

Alas! It’s not just about disappointments, but Sakthi is unaware about a bunch of shocking happenings that Bangkok city in stock for him.

Thiru might be just a film old, but has gained lots of adeptness over narrating a story with effective screenplay. Maybe, the introduction of Vishal has an action hero might be little dissatisfactory not giving us any hope that it’s a different film. But an unexpected situation of break-up scene right in the second scene brims us to expect different. Keeping the suspense element locked as long as possible keeps us on edge-of-seat. The director has incisively understood the significance of the script and has kept away the unwanted commercial elements like comedy track, overdosed glamour (you’ll find Trisha in skimpy costume only in a dream song), etc. Yes, the songs in second half suppress the momentum of film and the screenplay could have been little crispy. But the climax does justice to the entire film, where the protagonist settles score. Of course, the smart move by Vishal in the climax is engrossing. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya delineated her as a beautiful girl with stubborn character, but Trisha has more to perform here. She looks beautiful and her costume designer needs special mention.

JD Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpayee have very less duration on screens, but their characters are very well etched (don’t complain about their attitudes, it’s a role required for the script). The ensemble star-cast of John Vijay, Jayaprakash, Sreeman and Sunaina is limited, but their significance of characterization contributes a lot to the film. There are some logics missing like why Vishal doesn’t call back to his home in spite of being bounded to many problems.

Technically, it’s background by Yuvan that helps him in many places to enhance the narrative quotient. The cinematography across the locales of Bangkok and Western Ghats is of top-notch quality.

On the whole, Samar is a laudable suspense drama drawn tight with mystery, thriller and strong characterizations and action sequences (logical).

Verdict: A taut thriller of cat-n-mouse

Review by Richard Mahesh

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