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Typical commercial entertainer!

Reviews 11-Jan-2013 1:58 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The duo combo of Karthi-KE Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films has been through the successful spree. Following the grand success of Siruthai, they’re back together again with Alex Pandian, a typical commercial entertainer for universal audiences. The film is directed by Suraj (Thalai Nagaram, Padikadhavan, Marudhamalai, Mappillai fame) and boasts of an ensemble star-cast of Anushka Shetty, Santhanam, Milind Soman, Suman, Nikitha, Sanusha and others.

There are certain things to consider before booking tickets for Alex Pandian. Don’t let yourselves into a lot of arguments for logics. Just go by the words of Alfred Hitchcock ‘The logic ends, when the drama begins’ and you have more reasons to enjoy the film.

When we use the term ‘Commercial Entertainer’ for Alex Pandian, just don’t presume this one to be a usual Goodie Vs Baddie, overdose of glamorous quotients and a predictable narration.

Right in the first scene, there is a sense of suspense element filled in the film that is soon followed by laughter-riot for next one hour. You need not to wait for a typical narration to flow through, where a hero introduction would happen with a mass song or a fun-filled action sequence and heroine’s entry followed by the baddie.

As you are done with the title credits, the film instantly opens on a serious note of a dozen of roughnecks chasing Anushka over the railway track. She is on her run to get into the departing train to escape from their clutches. A knife hit over the chest of a baddie from long distance brings Karthi into the picture as he smashes everyone down. The scene becomes intense as Milind Soman appears in a chopper and aims for a sniper shot on them. It’s a deep dive into the water bed that leaves them across a village town located nearby. While Anushka is treated in an Ayurvedic centre, Karthi resides in the house of Renuka, who is introduced to her son Santhanam as her distant relative. The house with three sisters – Nikitha, Akanshka and Sanusha become very much acquainted with Karthi that creates an aversion on Santhanam. These sequences add more to the hilarious elements indeed, but on parallel track, the vigorous search of Milind Soman for Karthi-n-Anushka keeps the suspense element intense. The intermission point with a high-volatile action sequence between Karthi and baddies, where it is revealed that Anushka is Chief Minister’s daughter and they’re the criminals behind her kidnap plan...

Then, guess who Karthi is? He was the kidnapper hired by them to abduct Anushka and what’s the reason behind him saving her now.

The first half of the film is laced with engrossing elements that keeps us entertained on whole. The humorous attributes exhibited by Karthi and Santhanam stands out as the major attraction.. The second half dominated by flashback sequences in the deep rooted forests adds more space to thrill, humour and romantic quotients between Karthi and Anushka. Manobala gets a meaty role to tickle your funny bones in the forest sequences and finally to wrap up, it’s a twist in climax about the true colours of an unpredictable character.

Overall, Alex Pandian remains as a sang-froid entertainer with the right mix of action, comedy and romance that has more chances to become a Paisa Vasool for the producers.

Verdict: Typical commercial entertainer

Review by Richard Mahesh

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