AR Rahman and His Secret of Success

AR Rahman and His Secret of Success

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How would one define the journey to success?


But only few have the real essence of success conveyed through their acts.

Yes, Success is not something obtained through defeat and it is not gained over a night.

For many, success arrives at any age.

But not many have achieved what is called the SUCCESS OF LOVE.

Today, this entity having won the hearts of many through his music gets acclaimed by the universe.

He defines success in a new dimension, which is SUCCESS IN LIFE is nothing but BEING LOVED BY THE WORLD.

Very few people become illustrious as destiny’s child and in the world of music, it was Mozart, who entertained the world with mind-boggling music from his early age. Obviously, any child in the world would start its recitation of rhymes with ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ that was composed at his age of 5. And Michael Jackson wasn’t an exception as he had the sound of music running through veins from his childhood.

From the Bay of Bengal, the winds of music generated that created a cyclonic revolution in world music. AR Rahman, the brand itself creates magic with the label from the time of Roja. The music director had inherited music into his soul from the early days of his life as a child. Well, when spirituality and music blends, it’s something beyond magic and that’s what is happening now with the listeners heeding to this song. Even his debut album that was created before couple of decades still sounds fresh.

Today, the versatile musician turns 47 and is journey continues with more colours. Ask him about the secret of having newness in his every album and he says, “Every time when I take up a project, I take it as my debut album and exert the same energy.”

Obviously, this is the major reason behind his success in global panorama. Winning Academy awards, Golden Globe and any accolades don’t get him overconfident, but more humble and dedicated.

Thanks to the Almighty, the creator of music for bestowing the world with a musical genius to keep us entertained.

Happy Birthday Rahman!! We are few among the zillion hearts wishing your more success in years to come.

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