CZ12 Movie Review

Massive Entertainment for JC fans!

Reviews 28-Dec-2012 11:28 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When Jackie Chan confessed that CZ12 would be his last action film, the diehard buffs had to keep themselves down in a disappointment. Perhaps, it was a convincing decision as the action superstar mentioned that it might lessen the impactful intensity of violence.

To start off with CZ12, it’s yet another action Dhamaka from the action blaster laced with action and adventure. The film revolves around a high-profile thief, who is assigned by a leading a fraudulent antique company to snatch the bronze animal heads that was ransacked from China in the year 1860. Jackie Chan sets out for a global voyage along with his team, where they come across various characters. The motives of Jackie Chan as a thief undergo a change when he meets an antiquities activist. What unfolds next is a series of adventures and action sequences that finally lets protagonist accomplish his plans.

Jackie Chan completes his action-adventure trilogy with CZ12 that started with Armour of God and Rush Hour. What are so special about Jackie Chan’s act are his breathtaking stunts with a blend of humour. Watching the Tamil version is yet funnier as the dialogues have been very well written. Not to miss the scene, where Jackie Chan says, “Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom”. Marking in a simple way, it’s an usual classic action film from Jackie Chan, where you’ll feel it was worth watching for the pennies paid for the ticket.

Right from the opening scene, where we witness the action hero traverses through the mountainous steeps combating against the soldiers with guns is extraordinary. However, there are some action sequences that are exactly the same as in Jackie Chan’s previous movies. But that doesn’t stand as a hurdle anywhere for diminishing the interest of audiences. It is enjoyable right from the beginning till end. Yes, it is merely because of Jackie Chan’s touch of having the action and humour together, especially the scenes where he takes against the baddies with physical comedy are fun. The other actors in the film – Kwon Sang and Zhang Lanxin have done a fabulous job.

On the whole, CZ12 is a commercial entertainer for next couple of hours that will keep audiences completely hooked with delectation.

Verdict: Massive Entertainment for JC fans.

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