Sattam Oru Iruttarai - Movie Review

Better luck next time Sneha Britto!

Reviews 22-Dec-2012 6:25 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Before decades, SA Chandrasekhar made a spellbinding piece of work in ‘Sattam Oru Iruttarai’ and now his granddaughter Sneha Britto has remade the film in a newfangled dimension. Let’s see whether she has recreated the magic of the most acclaimed film or not.

The film revolves around Pia Bajpayee, who captures a murder taking place in her video camera and gets the manslayers behind bars. However, using the loopholes within the law and order, they are out as innocents, who in turn bump of Pia, who was responsible behind their trial. It’s now the turn of her beau Thaman Kumar to seek retaliation by using the same loopholes and settle scores with the ones, who brutally killed her.

Actor Thaman Kumar has tried his best in exerting the uttermost potentials to get the best output. Bindhu Madhavi impresses with her beautiful looks and dancing adeptness while Pia Bajpayee steals the show with her outstanding performance. Moreover, portions involving her add more intensity to the momentum of screenplay. Reema Sen tries to captivate everyone’s attention with her scrupulous performance. It’s hard for any actress, who has been portrayed glamorously to throw up surprises in such characters. The biggest disappointment arrives with Radha Ravi and Suresh, who take on the role of baddies. Some of the illogical quotients make even the serious situations turning out to be a laughter-riot. With small screen actors roped in for playing humorous, the film seemingly looks like a small screen series. SA Chandrasekhar’s cameo in the climax is so unrealistic. Although, Sneha Britto has tried using the technical quotients to give new look for this remake, we can sense the same old breeze in many sequences. However, she manages to hold up the audiences’ interest in second half.

While everyone had mounted their expectations on Vijay Anthony’s musical spell post the success of ‘Naan’, he dashes down our hopes with below average composition. None of the songs is enriching and they’re so disappointing. The one and only convincing factor of Sattam Oru Iruttarai is cinematography by CJ Rajkumar.

Overall, Sneha Britto has remade the yesteryear thriller hit with the presumption that the colourful visuals and exotic foreign locales will make it more appealing. If she had managed to craft an engrossing screenplay, it would have been a considerable film for audiences to watch.

Verdict: Better luck next time Sneha Britto.

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