Theatre Owners Threaten Kamal

Theatre Owners Threaten Kamal

News 19-Dec-2012 9:33 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The Tamil Theatre Owners’ Association is against Kamal Haasan’s decision to premiere Vishwaroopam through the DTH. In an extraordinary general body meeting held in Madurai today, the members of the Theatre Owners’ Association passed a resolution not to screen Vishwaroopam, or any other movie for that matter, which is screened through the DTH prior to its theatrical release.

The theatre owners aver that such screenings would affect their business and hence are totally against it. The distributors are also against this because it would affect their business as well.

However, director Bharathiraja and producer Keyar are in favour of Kamal’s decision as they feel it would be a new revenue model for the filmmakers.

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