Alex Pandian - Music Review

Alex Pandian - Music Review

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The title was more than enough to keep the audiences draw their conclusions that Alex Pandian is a complete mass entertainer. Following the electrifying trailer, the expectation bars have been raised and what happens when Devi Sri Prasad is roped for striking musical chords for a mass entertainer film? It’s an absolute treat for universal audiences. It’s not time to look for too much analysis, but to sprawl out and enjoy the peppy songs. There are 5 tracks in the album and most of them are based on the folk style. Alex Pandian is directed by Suraaj and is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films. While Karthi fans can celebrate theatrical release by next month, it’s time to shake legs for the tunes of DSP now.

1. Onnam Class
Vocals: Mukesh & Priyadarshini
Lyrics: Vaali

For many, it remains as an unknown fact that Devi Sri Prasad doesn’t score fast-beat Kuthu style track for everyone, but only for the actors, who can do justice to the song with a fantabulous dance performance. It has been evident with his songs for Vijay, Suriya and other actors. Now it’s his turn for Karthi as the song ‘Onnam Class’ boasts of percussions and other instruments that are energy-pumping. It looks like Karthi and the lead actress will sizzle on the screens. Mukesh and Priyadarshini have excelled with their best rendition.

2. Thaka Thayya
Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: Viveka (Dialogues by Karthi & Santhanam)

This song should be a visual treat for the family audiences as it is a take on recent societal trends, where the human values are missing and technology has become the top priority for everyone. Karthik has crooned the song and you can feel it as though Karthi is rendering the track (earlier it used to be for TMS for Sivaji Ganeshan, SPB for Rajnikanth, etc). Appa pera Marukkurom, Payanukku Sachin Dhoni peru vaikkirom and few other lines is quite engrossing. The accordion played during the interludes with rhythmic beats juggling between slow and fast tempos are worthy of appreciations.

3. Bad Boy
Vocals: Baba Sehgal and Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Viveka

The song is no different from Devi Sri Prasad’s trademark style. The techno style song with instrumentals that DSP usually uses in all his track has been utilized here as well. Baba Sehgal and Priya Himesh combination with Devi Sri Prasad has always delivered chartbusters that include ‘Kadhal Vandhaale’ from Suriya starrer Singam...

4. Naalu Pakkam
Voices: DSP and Anitha
Lyrics: Viveka

It’s obvious that the song is set in backdrops of a forest as we can sense it with the noises of animal creatures. Devi Sri Prasad takes care of intonating the song in a spooky style and so are the beats that give such impression. The instrumentals on the accompaniment are orchestrated in a perfect way. Anitha doesn’t have much scope to perform, but does justice to her portions.

5. Rayya Rayya
Vocals: Javed Ali and Ranina Reddy
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The opening lines in Hindi crooned by DSP slenderly reminiscences of ‘Everybody Listena Samba Samba’ from Kadhal Vandhaale Song and even interludes sound the same way.... The folk song by Javed Ali and Ranina Reddy will surely become the favourite number of audiences and the choreography should have its more contribution to the success of song. The Congo beats that were used for the songs of late 80s has been utilized here.

To mark the verdicts, Alex Pandian album is a bag of refreshing peppy numbers that moreover seem to be stress busters. With Nothing much to give more thoughts to lyrics, the songs invigorate your senses as you keep listening to them. All credit goes to Devi Sri Prasad for his magical style.

Verdict: Cool, Peppy and Energetic Songs by DSP

Review by Richard Mahesh

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