Vengayam Director's 9½-Year Tryst

Vengayam Director's 9½-Year Tryst

News 10-Dec-2012 3:32 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Sankagiri Rajkumar, who has wielded the megaphone for Vengayam, has announced that he has been working on a film for 9½ years and no one is aware of it. The director said that he is solely responsible for this film and is not only directing it but is also in-charge of the cinematography, acting, graphics, etc.

He revealed that this film, titled 1, stars only him and there are no other characters in it. In yet another surprise disclosure, Sankagiri Rajkumar stated that he is in talks with a Hollywood producer to take this film to Hollywood but refused to disclose the name of the producer as he wants to play his cards close to his chest. The director added that he has completed filming 80 per cent of 1 and all that remains now is 20 per cent and it will be completed very soon. He furthered that the trailer of 1 will be released in Hollywood following the producer’s wish.

On his yet another upcoming venture, the director divulged that he started the project to get out of the stress that he suffered owing to the making of 1.

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