Kadal 'Elay Keechan' Music Review

Kadal 'Elay Keechan' Music Review

Features 10-Dec-2012 11:04 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Transformation of Indian Music – This could be the open-and-shut statement you would make after listening to AR Rahman’s ‘Elay Keechan’ from Manirathnam directorial Kadal.

Only AR Rahman can define new dimension of music and his every song has been an illustration over the years. When it’s for Manirathnam, the academy award winner doesn’t leave any stone unturned to offer refreshing tunes. While ‘Nenjukulle’ is sweeping our senses in complete fascination, here is ‘Elay Keechan’ that is beyond our expectations. Usually when it’s a fisherman folk song, it’s been a ritualistic style of composing with ‘Elaelo’ phrases, slow-beats and strings.

Well, if you presume this one to be bound to stereotypical pattern, Rahman has a bag of surprises spearheading with a western style. On the button, it’s the first time in Indian music industry; a fisherman folk song is composed with this panache.

AR Rahman croons the song with a western feel that makes it more effectual and no other singers would have done justice to this track other than him.

Perhaps, it sounds like this was a composition that AR Rahman had stored in his bank for a Hollywood project. The fast-running lines might first sound to be little difficult to get the words, but soon you get drawn into it. Javed Ali renders his voice for few fill-in portions. The lead played guitar and chords stroked with mild rhythm in ‘Country’ style makes you hear it over and again. Madhan Karky has penned the song and it’s completely off youthful feel.

Review by Richard Mahesh

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