Aamir Yearns to Do It but Couldn't

Aamir Yearns to Do It but Couldn't

News 8-Dec-2012 3:21 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Aamir Khan has revealed that it is his long-pending desire to bring the epic tale Mahabarat on the silver screen. However, the star admitted that he does not have the courage to set the ball rolling for it as he feels it would be a very difficult task.

Aamir is known for being a perfectionist and it reflects in all the films that he is involved in. So, when he says that he is doubtful about bringing this project on the silver screens, it is an indication that he has been planning his project in his mind for long.

The star added that he would be apt to play Krishna if this project materialises though he would love to play Karna.

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