Vijay Antony's Superstar Birthday Gift Rocks

The music director-turned-actor has released the teaser promo of single track album for Superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday.

News 7-Dec-2012 4:03 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The entire industry is looking out for the special day 12.12.12. To mark it in Superstar Rajnikanth factual punch. The date 12.12.12 is fancy because it’s Rajnikanth’s birthday. To mark this special occasion, music director Vijay Antony and Raghava Lawrence have come together to produce a music album.

Vijay Antony has released the promo teaser of this song over online audio portal that has been gaining huge response. The song runs on rap and Kuthu combination with some evergreen punch dialogues of Rajnikanth from his famous films like ‘Oru Thadave Sonna Nooru Thadave Sonna Maadhiri’.

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