Experience Four Bonanzas of AR Rahman's Kadal

Sony Music has released four different caller tune options of Nenjukule song from Manirathnam’s Kadal.

News 5-Dec-2012 12:50 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The song was unveiled with the performance by A.R Rahman and his orchestral group along with playback singer Shakthisree Gopalan at MTV Unplugged Season 2. The moment Rahman played the prelude on his accordion; the listeners were mesmerized by the beautiful tunes followed by enchanting voice of Shakthisree Gopalan.

Today, Sony Music has released the song in all FM Stations and Nokia Ovi stores. Apart from this, Sony Music offers four different options of Nenjukule song that includes the opening lines followed by the two verses ‘Elay Illanjirikki’ and ‘Vanna Maniyaram’. There is a special attraction of ‘Rahman Hum Nenjukkule’ that is expected to be a raging hit.

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