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Reviews 30-Nov-2012 10:38 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Every time, we come across the news ‘Tamil Fishermen brutally killed by Srilankan Navy’ flashing on the TV news channels and newspapers, it leaves a lump in our throats. It’s been a clamorous issue of hundreds of innocuous souls that have been viciously murdered over the years that hasn’t come to an end till now. Although, we tend to witness more on media, a large portion of merciless deaths remain under covers. Neer Paravai is about one such incident that leaves a deep impact of grief for the helpless fishermen, who are succumbing to these cruel incidents.

The film opens with middle-aged Esther (Nanditha Das) arrested for burying her husband Arulappasamy (Vishnu), who passed away before 26 years. Esther doesn’t miss to reveal that she murdered her husband. The inquisitive enquiry begins and so is the flashback about the good-for-nothing Arulappasamy, who later transforms into a responsible person after falling in love with Esther (Sunaina). It’s a blissful scenario for Arulappasamy and Esther as they get married with their parents’ blessings and are blessed with a baby. While everything goes happy and peaceful, an incident changes their lives forever.

Seenu Ramasamy interweaves the real life incident on a emotional note laced with romance, sentiments and humour in places. Let’s not come up with prototyped statement – Vishnu has reached the next level of his career. Obviously, he has done a remarkable job, but it’s how he should be choosing his films. He just gets into the skin of Arulappasamy with a ne plus ultra attempt on dialogue deliveries and mannerisms. On the pars, Sunaina excels with her stupendous act. Nice to see her sans makeovers with naturalistic look and dialogues that have humour and emotional touch (Not to miss her saying ‘Go away Satan’)...

One of the most worked up scene is where Sunaina waves her smile of farewell to her spouse while setting out for fishing without knowing they’re alienated forever. Saranya Ponvannan and ‘Poo’ Ram as Vishnu’s parents are excellent in their performances. Their acting sets to be an inspiration for young generation of actors as well. The chemistry between Saranya, Ram and Vishnu, their conflicts and affection have been very well pictured. Director Samuthirakkani keeps winning the praises of audiences with his role. The dialogues he utters will thunder with applause in all cinema halls. The situation where he slams on media channels about presenting the brutal death of fisherman as TAMIL FISHERMEN HAVE DIED, NOT INDIAN FISHERMAN. If published like this, it would bring the unity of the entire fisherman across the country to fight for justice.

Black Pandi as Vishnu’s pal is convincing and National award winner Azhagam Perumal takes a cakewalk with his show. Azhagam Perumal as priest, Vadivukarasi as illicit liquor seller and Nanditha Das have done justice to their roles....

The musical composition by NR Raghunathan is heart-touching, especially the background score that enhances the emotional touch. Cinematographer Balasubramaniam captures the visuals in a spellbinding way. Seenu Ramaswamy and Jayamohan leave us awe-stricken with their dialogues. The scene where Poo Ram says that hiding the dead bodies in the home is the only option or else the police wouldn’t return the bodies and they’ll kill us pitilessly.

Overall, Neerparavai is an emotional footage of fishermen, whose lives are dwindling with fate. A national recognition isn’t just enough for it deserves the global appreciation.


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