Akshay Turns Global Desi for Khiladi 786

The actor will have multi-cultural family characters in his upcoming film ‘Khiladi 786’.

News 29-Nov-2012 2:42 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Certain films have been carrying secular shades by having characters from various religions with the motto of promoting national unity and integration. Well, it has been evident with the films of Akshay Kumar including his previous release ‘Oh My God’. Now the actor has something new to offer in his upcoming film Khiladi 786. The film’s story written by music director Himesh Reshammiya will have multiple global characters brought together under one roof in a Punjab village. According to the highly placed source, it is heard that Akshay's father is played by Raj Babbar and is shown as Punjabis in the film with an extended family all around them as well that includes an African Grandma, an English Mother and a Chinese aunt.

Of course, this is something more off an outlandish combination that was never witnessed before as there have been family members belonging different countries, but not continents like Africa, Europe as well as Asia related together. Says Akshay Kumar: ‘That's true, despite my character being that of a conman, I boast of a family which is so 'cultured' in spite of them all following different cultures’, who continues to add that with so many people from different continents coming together, it was a rocking time while shooting this film. The film will hit screens on December 6 all over the world and Asin is teaming up with Akshay Kumar after the grand success of Houseful 2.

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