No Mankatha Gambling in Bollywood

Venkat Prabhu denies rumours on remaking his blockbuster movie Mankatha in Hindi.

News 27-Nov-2012 12:28 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Well, the entire Hindi film industry was spellbound over the thundering success of Mankatha as it captivated the audiences in non-Tamil speaking territories as well. The filmmakers and technicians were literally astonished with the making style of film that indeed paved way ideating on the remake. Recently, Venkat Prabhu was reported of planning for a Hindi remake of his very own hit film.

However, he has denied such things are baseless rumours and mentioned that he just had the idea in his mind.

Let’s hope Venkat Prabhu soon turns this idea into moving pictures and repeat the success in Hindi.

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