Podaa Podi

A good romantic entertainer for the youth!

Reviews 14-Nov-2012 4:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Simbu starrer Podaaa Podi also marks the debut of Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar in Kollywood. The actress has done a good job; thanks to the theme of the film – dance. Being a dancer, Varalaxmi was able to do full justice to the role.

Podaa Podi is set in England where Simbu and Varalaxmi meet. Both of them tie the nuptial knot impulsively and minor misunderstandings crop up owing to their different upbringing. After a brief marriage and a baby they part ways following Simbu’s dislike for her passion – Salsa. Varalaxmi’s sole aim is to take part in a prestigious Salsa dance competition and win it while Simbu, being the typical Indian, doesn’t want his wife to do it as Salsa requires some intimate dance moves with her male partner. What happens next forms the plot of Podaa Podi.

Newbie director Vignesh Sivan has handled the subject well. Despite being a romantic entertainer, he seems to have known where to draw the lines to keep the film from being sleazy.

Simbu never misses an opportunity to display his physique and Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar does enthrall us all with her dance moves. Shobana and VTV Ganesh have fitted their roles perfectly well.

Positives: Director Vignesh Sivan has done a commendable job by handling the story very well. Varalaxmi’s dance skills and Dharan’s music.

Negatives: The BGM could have been better, and the screenplay faster post-interval.

In total: A good romantic entertainer for the youth.

Release date: 13 November, 2012

Genre: Romance

Producer: Padam Kumar

Director:Vignesh Sivan

Stars: Simbu, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar

Music: Dharan

Certificate: U

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