Will Simbu Make It on Time?

Will Simbu Make It on Time?

News 9-Nov-2012 10:07 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Simbu is keen on releasing his Podaa Podi on Diwali Day, November 13th, 2012. The star had said earlier that he is raring to release his flick on Diwali as it has been a long time since his films made it to the theatres on the festival day.

Podaa Podi, which has been in the making for quite a long time, is expected to go in for censor certification today. According to sources, if the censor board officials do certify this film by today, the film may make it to the Diwali race.

Theatres have postponed their programming chart by a day in order to accommodate Podaa Podi in case the film makes it through the censors today, say sources.

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