Who Plays Ram Gopal Varma?

Who Plays Ram Gopal Varma?

News 3-Nov-2012 12:17 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Vennela Kishore will be seen in the role – Ram Gopal Varma. Well, this is not a film about the veteran director! The film is titled D/O Ram Gopal Varma and Vennela Kishore plays the role called Ram Gopal Varma in it. According to sources, it is a film that revolves on a celebrity and his daughter. Naveena Jackson and Kavitha Aaras will be seen in crucial roles in this flick, which is directed by Khaja. Khaja, incidentally, is a playwright having won several awards but this is his first venture as a director.

The audio of D/O Ram Gopal Varma is slated for release on November 20 and the film is expected to hit the silver screens on November 30th.

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