Yaarukku Theriyum – Review

Who knows this Yaarukku Theriyum!

Reviews 2-Nov-2012 12:46 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

As like the title, no one knows about this film! Well, that’s because the film has not been promoted adequately. Let’s not dwell into it too much as our main concern is the review. After the Ayudha Pooja celebrations, a young guy is found tied to a chair in a factory outside the town while two other persons are grievously injured. All three regain consciousness and wonder what happened to them when they hear some noises in the factory. What is more important here is that all three are not able to recollect who they are. Further, none of three remembers ever being acquainted and therefore they don’t believe each other. Director Ganesan Kamaraj receives applause for handling this story very well.

His direction is worth praise certainly. With just two issues – a factory during the night-time and a few people – the director has handled the subject very well and has been able to spin an interesting tale for two hours. The climax really unties several knots that will have the audiences in awe. The director is brilliant in explaining to what extent someone would go just for the sake of money. Further, the director has just concentrated in the thriller aspect without deviating to glamor, love and action. Riyaz Khan and Kalabhavan Mani’s acting is noticeable while others seem to be an intrusion.

The beginning is quite good but as the film proceeds the director seems to have lost focus. Comedy scenes, live camera devoid of lighting, several characters that talk too much etc., make us yawn. The screenplay and story saves this film to a great extent. In total… Who knows this Yaarukku Theriyum!

Director: Ganesan Kamaraj
Producer: Arbere Art Ventura Pvt., Ltd.
Actors: Kalabhavan Mani, Riyaz Khan, Sanjana Singh

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