Skyfall - Review

All the James Bond fans who have been missing this franchise for long can see it once!

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Bond… James Bond is the mantra that keeps the action film lovers in its grab for the past 50 years. Though we can easily predict the stories of James Bond films easily, every time a film from this franchise releases, the expectations are very high. The 23rd James Bond film, Sky Fall, has released amidst the same expectations.

Daniel Craig, who was seen as James Bond 007 in Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace, plays the James Bond in this film as well. After Pierce Bronson’s exit as James Bond, Daniel Craig was not able to satisfy the James Bond fans with his earlier films. Let’s check out if he manages to capture the audiences’ attention this time around..

England’s Intelligence Division MI 6 is headed by ‘M’. This department is responsible for monitoring the safety of the country, the government and checks terrorism. James Bond is one of the best spies in this department. Several times he is completes the job assigned to him sole-handedly..

A terrorist somehow manages to procure the hard-disk that contains details of some of the best spies of this department. During the fight to procure this hard-disk from the terrorist, James Bond’s colleague murders him accidentally and the terrorist manages to escape with the hard-disk..

Following this, the MI6 is in for a shock with a string of incidents happening. The terrorists begin declaring the spies in the department one-by-one and kill them. They also blow up the secret MI6 office. When ‘M’ is confused over all this and wonders if someone from their department is responsible for it, James Bond reappears in front of her.

What happens next forms the rest of the story. Why are the terrorists involved in such attacks and who is responsible for it? Skyfall gives an answer for all these questions.

The story begins with the usual James Bond BGM and the audiences go in raptures of applause. The chasing scene in which James Bond pursues the terrorist with the hard-disk brings us to the edge of the seat. When James Bond falls from the railway bridge at the end of this scene, fans go berserk and that is the beginning of the film! This first scene ensures that the audiences stay glued to their seats throughout the film.

The scenes in which James Bond goes directly to places where the baddie is and takes on his opponents one-on-one are some of the routine James Bond tricks that we’ve seen in several films earlier.

There are some parts in the film that moves very slowly especially scenes in which the baddie explains why he turned out to be a terrorist.

There are several illogical scenes in Skyfall. Especially scenes in which the baddie tells James Bond that he can throw out England’s minister, control the signals and bring elections in Iraq. What more, he even demonstrates how this can be done! But when we come to know that he is doing all this to achieve a very simple goal, the audiences lose interest. One wonders why James Bond is not killed even though the villain has the chance to do so twice.

Daniel Craig certainly is not able to fit in the James Bond role that Pierce Bronson fitted perfectly and Skyfall also proves it.

The biggest plus is the 15-minute chase scene in the beginning, the stylish title card, the great background score, cinematography, and dialogues. Apart from this, the computer graphics is the biggest plus. Several scenes seem to be very realistic; thanks to the computer graphics. Some scenes like the train derailment in the underground bear testimony to this fact. Indian audiences prefer to see a James Bond film particularly for the action sequences, highly technical instruments and the supermodel car that he drives stylishly. But none of these are an integral part of this James Bond franchise.

Skyfall seems to be a different title and we deciphered that it would mean a revelation of a big secret as in Golden Eye but, unfortunately, it is not so.

In total: All the James Bond fans who have been missing this franchise for long can see it once!

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