Special Interview - Samuthirakani

Special Interview - Samuthirakani

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Even while traveling on road, we have to move in pace with the others. Though we may prefer to go slow, users behind may sound the horn prompting us to speed up. Despite seeing someone suffer on the road, we turn a blind eye scared of having to face some problem later on.

One such issue to which we have turned a blind eye to all these years has grown out of proportion now – it is none other than films. Do you wonder that I am talking too much and feel that I am here only to spread social messages? Well, when you go into the theatres, you’d expect to spend your time laughing. But my point is that the audiences should come out pondering over issues that would be vital for the betterment of the society. This is what director Samuthirakani has to say holding his head high!

After Peraanmai Jayam Ravi is looking for a big hit. How will this film be for him and the stars in it?

Jayam Ravi is a very energetic boy. When I plan a particular scene with him, he gives me loads of ideas. That is the amount of energy he has and it is contagious. He is more like a younger brother to me because he keeps addressing me ‘Anne… Anne…’ every time. His image will undergo a huge makeover with this film and I am working on it. Jayam Ravi will be seen in two different roles. Amala Paul and Meghna Raj play his heroines and all of them have good scope to perform. The characterizations are very normal and to bring out the best I’ve asked them to tone down their make up too.

You were vehement in your point and furious when you said ‘A good human being is raped in this society’. What is your point?

Every individual is a good human being. Everyone intends to earn a good name, have a few followers and wish others thinks good about him. It is the adulation that matters. At the same time, everyone is bogged down by anger. But this anger lingers just for a couple of days and them we move on to other important things in life. What happens when a person is not able to shirk this anger and stands his ground to address the issue? This is the ground for the vehemence and fury.

Your films have a mix of social messages and comedy. It shows you are adept in both. Why not try out a full-length comedy flick?

There are too many people to handle comedy films. Why should I join the fray and increase the film count? In Naadodigal the crux was ‘my friend’s friend is my friend’ and in Poraali it was ‘man is a social animal.’ Now in Nimirnthu Nil it is: ‘If you are right the world around you will be right.’ When compared to the previous two films, Nirmirnthu Nil will go deep into the issue with oodles of comedy.

When will you join hands with Sasi Kumar again?

When I acted in Subramaniapuram with him we developed a deep bonding. It is due to this friendship it was agreed that I’d act in two films directed by him and he’d do the same in my direction. Now that deal is over and we are busy with our respective projects. However, I assure you that we’ll soon join hands.

Neer Paravai in Tamil and Reporter in Malayalam – how are you able to select the best of stories?

I am one of Nana Patekar’s biggest fans. If he wants to act in a particular film he would do so without being asked. I am not different! I never intended to remain one in the crowd. When I do something good, I want people to benefit from it. It was never my intention to work for money. If I act in a film, I should be called by that character’s name. That is the level of commitment I expect. Both in Neer Paravai and in Reporter, my characterization is very good. Therefore, I took up the offer.

When will you turn a producer?

This will surely happen but it is not in my hands. For Pasanga, I dubbed for Pandiraj. Then for Aadukalam I did it for Vettrimaran and this was followed by Dhoni for Prakash Raj. Everything has happened without planning. While making Vamsam, Pandiraj said that he, Sasi Kumar and I should sing a song in the film and it happened. It continued in Poraali too. Everything is going on well. According to me everything is predestined in this life and we are just acting it out.

After Nimirnthu Nil what would be your next?

My next film would also be based on a social message. There are too many issues needing to be addressed. I don’t imagine my stories. They are based out on the news that we read in the newspapers. That way no one can fight over the rights of the story. I never copy from television or steal other people’s stories!

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