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Technically slick!

Reviews 12-Oct-2012 7:09 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

After the smash hit Ayan, Suriya and director KV Anand have joined hands for Maattrraan. Further, this film is about conjoined twins. These factors among others have upped the expectation levels. Let’s check out how the film has fared and if it lives up to the expectations of the movie buffs.

Indian scientist, Ramachandran, is upset that the government doesn't recognize his inventions and hence concentrates on dangerous experiments. His experiment leads him to invent a milk powder which is on par with mother’s milk. Realizing that it is a very dangerous performance enhancing drug, a foreign lady struggles to let the world know about it. She is aided by a few people who spy on the scientist. Ramachandran kills everyone who is hindering his progress and the lady reveals all this to his son, Vimalan, who is one of the conjoined twins. The very next day, the lady is also killed under mysterious circumstances. In this situation, Akhilan and Vimalan are caught up in a fight with some antisocial elements and Vimalan is grievously injured in the melee. What happens to Vimalan and how Ramachandran’s true colors are brought out forms the rest of the story.

Suriya has proved that he is a versatile actor in a role which has him as a conjoined twin. One of the twins, Akhilan, is a flamboyant young man and Suriya should be lauded for doing this role perfectly well. In scenes where he helps his brother build his love life, the way he emotes on seeing his conjoined twin, Vimalan’s condition and the anger he exudes when he comes to know that his father is behind it, is simply superb. Kajal has done what is required of her. Music and cinematography are ok.

One wonders what happened to director KV Anand. He seems to be confused right from the start as he is not able to decide if should concentrate on the conjoined twins aspect, or performance enhancing drugs, or the impact that the energy powder would have on the future generation. This also confuses the audiences! The first half goes on swiftly while the director seems to have wavered in the second half. There are just too many illogical scenes and some scenes are way too predictable.

Apart from Suriya’s excellent acting, Harris Jayaraj’s music, Soundararajan’s camera work, and graphics are the saving grace of Maattrraan. The screenplay could have been taut but filmmaker seems to have concentrated only on making this film technically slick.

Release date: 12 October, 2012
Genre: Action Drama
Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Producer: AGS Entertainment and Eros International
Director: KV Anand
Stars: Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Sachin Khadekar
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Certificate: U

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