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The film falls into the ‘okay’ category!

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This Thaandavam by Vikram is to fight injustice and regain the lost love. Director AL Vijay and Vikram, who joined hands for Deiva Thirumagal, have teamed up again but this time for a totally different genre – Action. Let’s check out how they have fared with this totally different flick.

The visually challenged Vikram is a pianist at a church in London. He is involved in a series for murders and this baffles the London police. Nasser is appointed to investigate the case and he embarks on the journey to find out about the culprit. In the mean time, Amy Jackson, who wins the Miss London title, falls in love with Vikram. Sensing her feelings for him, Vikram distances himself from her. In this situation, Nasser reveals to Amy’s dad that Vikram is a serial killer and is also the terrorist involved in the London bomb blasts. When Amy’s father tells about this to her, she pries on Vikram’s mobile which is in her possession and finds out the date for his next murder. She immediately rushes to save the victim. At the same time, the police also start chasing Vikram and in this melee Santhanam and Amy end up traveling with him. When Amy and Santhanam try to escape from Vikram’s clutches, in enters Lakshmi Rai. She later takes Santhanam and Amy to a secluded house where they are surprised to see Vikram again. Who is Vikram? What is his connection with Lakshmi Rai? And why is he involved in the serial killing forms the rest of the story.

What happens when people associated with an intelligence agency like RAW are involved in espionage? What happens if a carefully-built love crashes when everything is about to end well? Director AL Vijay has interwoven all these emotions into an action film titled Thaandavam. When compared to the story, the picturization is excellent! Though there are too many illogical scenes, the second half makes up for it. Vikram’s acting falls under ‘okay’ category. When playing the piano in the church, his emotions show the love failure very subtly. Vikram, as an intelligence officer, has excelled in scenes where he is appreciated by a Minister for his honesty and integrity and when he tries to stop his sudden marriage but agrees to it after seeing the bride.

Amy Jackson as the London-based Tamil girl has done her role neatly. The film’s main heroine is Anushka! An ophthalmologist by profession, she enters the wedlock without any interest just like Vikram and cones out with a condition that they should get acquainted, become friends and eventually fall in love. Anushka has done a good job particularly in scenes where she tells Vikram while treating him for an injury, “Maththavangala paarkum bothu onnum thonala, unakkunu paarkum bothu enakkum valikuthu” and in the scene where she dreams of building a huge hospital to serve the people. Santhanam’s comedy is a tad boring! Yet another intelligence officer Jagapathy Babu has done his role according to what is required of him and has certainly worked hard for it. Apart from this, Saranya Ponvannan, Thambi Ramaiya and Delhi Ganesh, despite appearing in small roles, have managed to entertain the audiences.

GV Prakash’s scores Anicham Poovazhagi and Nee Enbathe Naanadi and the way their have been visualized is excellent. Though we have seen such revenge stories a thousand times before, Vijay has tried to present it in a different way. But several illogical scenes have made this attempt pointless. He has included some scenes out of compulsion and has presented it to the audiences as experimentation. The film falls into the ‘okay’ category.

Release date: 28 September, 2012Genre: Action
Time: 167 minutes
Producer: UTV Motion Pictures
Director: AL Vijay
Stars: Vikram, Jagapathy Babu, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Lakshmi Rai, Santhanam, Nasser, Saranya, MS Bhaskar, Delhi Ganesh
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Certificate: U

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