Victory for Thaandavam!

Victory for Thaandavam!

News 27-Sep-2012 10:17 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Justice finally prevailed with the High Court dismissing the petition filed by Ponnusamy seeking a stay on the film’s release. According to the petitioner, he had narrated the story of Thaandavam to the officials at the UTV and it was agreed that he would be included as an assistant director in exchange for the story credits.

The petitioner, in his plaint, alleged that UTV had cheated him and made the film without his knowledge and hence should be banned from releasing it.

In hearing both the parties to the case, the judge held that since there is no evidence to prove that he had narrated his story to the defendants, his plea is dismissed. All hurdles for Thaandavam’s release have now been crossed and the film is getting ready for a grand release.

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