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the film is on the lines of Subramaniapuram, Nadodigal and Poraali but is likable.

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Only a few actors can handle stereotypical films, acting and dialogue delivery. For example, K Bagyaraj, Parthiban and now joining this list is Sasi Kumar.

Sundarapandian too has adopted the same formula – friendship, love, anger, deceit, and mockery. Does Sasi Kumar’s strong belief that his fans would accept the same formula once again prove right? Let’s check out!

The story is set in the backdrop of Theni and Usilampatti. Sasi Kumar is born in a rich family living in Theni. Soori and Inigo Prabhakaran are his buddies. Lakshmi Menon is the daughter of a biggie in Usilampatti. Inigo Prabhakaran falls in love with Lakshmi on first sight and follows her on the bus. He seeks his friends’ help to disclose his love to her but she doesn’t reciprocate.

In order to help him in his love, Sasi Kumar and friends go to a shop right opposite to the college where Lakshmi Menon studies. Incidentally, this shop is owned by Suresh (Rowther) who happens to be Sasi Kumar’s old friend. Soundarapandi and Vijay Sethupathi, who are Sasi’s buddies, join them and so does Appu Kutty, Sundarapandian’s friend.

At the same time, arrangements are made to get Vijay Sethupathi, who is Lakshmi’s sister’s brother-in-law, married.

As like Inigo Prabhakaran, Appu Kutty also falls in love with Lakshmi Menon. When Sundarapandian discloses this to Sasi Kumar, he gives Appu Kutty a month’s time within which he should make Lakshmi fall in love with him and if she doesn’t reciprocate within that time then Appu Kutty is warned not to cross their path again.

Predictably, Appu Kutty fails to impress her and Sasi Kumar and friends once again start following Lakshmi. Finally, Sasi decides to do the messenger job and goes to meet her. But Lakshmi shocks him by saying that she is not in love with Inigo Prabhakaran but with him – Sasi Kumar.

Did Sasi Kumar accept her proposal? What did Inigo Prabhakaran do after hearing that she is interested in his friend? What about the marriage talks between Lakshmi and Vijay Sethupathi? All this has been told with a lot of bloodshed and interesting twists by Sasi Kumar’s assistant SR Prabhakaran.

It is the usual Madurai-based story that we’ve seen in Nadodigal, Subramaniapuram and Poraali. Though it is the same type of story, we are still able to enjoy it. Well, that is Sasi Kumar’s technique. It looks like Sasi Kumar is behind SR Prabhakaran’s direction in every aspect. May be this is Sasi’s victory.

Though the intro song and punch dialogues made this a usual fare in the beginning, Sasi Kumar returns to form with his own style. In scenes where he does the Rajini-style or following the heroine or the dialogue delivery in the climax, he has proved his mettle certainly.

Lakshmi Menon was announced as the heroine in Kumki but Sundarapandian hit the screens first making it her debut film. Though she looks plain, Lakshmi has managed to capture the attention with her acting skills. In scenes where she stares, laughs, cries or shows her anger she has managed to do well. (This has certainly created a lot of expectations for Kumki.)

In some films characterizations have not been given adequate importance. In a recent film, Soori and the actor Naren who plays Sasi’s dad haven’t been utilized well. But in Sundarapandian their talents have been tapped well. Likewise, the director has handled all the characters such as Sasi’s grannies, Appu Kutty, Lakshmi’s dad Thennavan, tea shop customer, heroine’s friend very well.

Despite so many pluses, the only letdown is the songs in the film. The Nenjukkle Nenjukkule song is worth mentioning here. The director has used the ‘Montage’ technique due to which the audiences stay glued to the screens. There were a lot of expectations from NR Raghnanthan as the singers under his music direction have won national awards.

Some logic mistakes, expected twists and lengthy scenes are the few minuses in Sundarapandian.

To conclude, we can say that SR Prabhakaran has managed to uphold his Guru Sasi Kumar’s name and fame.

Plus: Sasi Kumar, Lakshmi Menon and all the other actors’ acting, though it is a bit confusing with a lot of character in the film, the director has managed to handle the script well. The dialogues are superb.

Minus: Songs, background score, scenes that remind us of previous Sasi Kumar films, and the lengthy bus sequence scene in the first half.

In total: the film is on the lines of Subramaniapuram, Nadodigal and Poraali but is likable.

Starring: Sasikumar,Lakshmi Menon,Vijay Sethupathi,Soori
Director: Prabhakaran
Producer: Sasikumar
Banner: Company Production Banner
Music: N R Raghunadhan

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