Thulli Ezhunthathu Kadhal - Review

It is an average fare!

Reviews 14-Sep-2012 1:52 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Thulli Yezhunthathu Kaadhal is about how we perceive others depending only on their negatives while leaving behind all their positive aspects. This wrong perception gives us a strong notion about the person throughout. Thulli Yezhunthathu Kaadhal is the Tamil version of the Telugu flick Thagida… Thagida…

The heroine always ensures that she stays loyal to her parents as they have given her enough freedom. However, she falls in love with her college mate and when she goes to disclose her love; she realizes that it is not the right age after hearing news that a pair had committed suicide owing to their wrong decision. Due to the same reason, the hero also does not disclose his love for her despite falling in love with her on first sight. Notwithstanding this, their friendship continues. However, certain incidents happen between the friends and the lead pair and the one lie that the hero tells changes the life of the heroine. She becomes a scapegoat and loses the trust that her parents had in her. Angry over this, the heroine refuses to see the hero. The hero tries to make her realize what had really happened but she is in no mood to listen. He finds himself a good job and settles down for work. The pair’s friends then try to bring them together. Apart from what happens to their love, yet anther parallel story of a senior student falling in love with his junior and when she doest reciprocate he tries to throw acid on her. Noticing this, Bhumika, who plays the teacher, advises the student not to disturb the girl if he is truly in love with her but give some time for her to appreciate his love. And he realizes his mistake and apologizes to the girl. Yet another guy refuses to talk to his friend when he comes to know that he is in love with the girl he was in love with… and woman who tortures her maid servant so that her talents can be brought out…

Thulli Yezhunthathu Kaadhal is a film that has a number of stories running parallel during the college years. When their academic life is nearing to an end, the students realize their friendship, ego, and love… What happens after this is told by infusing some commercial formula.

Parents, friends and lovers do not apply mind to think why certain things are happening and instead decide irrationally. Due this, they lose out on so many important situations in life. The director should be lauded for taking up such a wonderful concept but he has faltered and confused in many scenes. There are too many characters and Anushka has been included in the star cast just for the sake of promos. Certain scenes like the ones which have Anushka are forcibly included. None of the songs are appealing. Though there are way too many slipups, the actors make it up with their acting skills. In total, it is an average fare!

Release date: 14 September, 2012
Genre: Romance
Time: 1 hour 52 minutes
Producer: Chennai Film School Productions and Silver Streak Communications
Director: Srihari Nanu
Stars: Bhumika, Anushka, Raja, Haripriya, ‘Cochin’ Hanifa
Music: Bobo Sasi

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