Mannaru - Review

An average fare

Reviews 7-Sep-2012 6:37 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Mananru is a film about an ordinary man who goes to help his friend and gets caught in a tough situation.

Appu Kutty is a part-time coolie, who is drunk all the time. Despite his weakness for alcohol, he falls in love with his relative, Vaishali. One day, on his way back home from work, Appu Kutty happens to see a Shakeela film and decides to spend the night at his friend’s place. At this time, his friend marries his lover Swathi after her father arranges to get her married to a corrupt politician’s son. Unwittingly, Appu Kutty turns a witness to this marriage. Soon after the marriage, the newlyweds decide to settle in Kodaikanal but on their way they get chased by Swathi’s dad. In order to escape from his clutches, the friend asks Appu Kutty to wear his clothes and go ahead with the bride.

Appu Kutty reaches Kodaikanal with his friend’s wife. Since they get no place to stay as they are not husband and wife, Swathi tells the lodge owner that Apu Kutty is indeed her husband so that they could stay in the lodge. By chance, some of Appu Kutty’s relatives also come to the same lodge and seeing him with Swathi take them to their village. Once in his village, Appu Kutty realizes that his relatives and lover Vaishali are very angry with him but he has no other option but to continue the drama.

Swathi’s real husband, in the mean time, is beaten up in the lock up and later her dad keeps him under his control. Further, Vaishali’s parents arrange a groom for her. What happens to his love and how he makes his relatives understand that Swathi is not his real wife, forms the climax.

Appu Kutty seems to be the centre-point of the entire film and so is ‘Raattinam’ Swathi. But their acting fades due to the number of illogical scenes in the film. Despite this, their acting is laudable. Apart from these two, all others have done a good job too. The cinematography and music is average. The subject has been dealt with a numerous times before. It would’ve been apt if the film was released in the 90s. Since the director has made the story in a village backdrop he should be commended. Otherwise it is an average fare.

Release date: September 7, 2012
Certificate: U
Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Genre: Commercial drama
Producer: Thamizh Pictures, Sujis Films, Rathna Films
Director: S Jaishankar
Stars: Appu Kutty, Swathi, Vaishali, Thambi Ramaiyya
Music: Udhayan

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