Mugamoodi - Review

Barring a few minor negatives, the film seems to be an enjoyable fare.

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Let’s check out if the extravagant promos, the special place the director Mysskin has among the movie buffs, and the Superhero story make Mugamoodi a worthy fare to watch.

A gang, headed by Narain, is involved in a number of robberies in north India. This gang arrives to Chennai to start a spree of robberies. Adept in Kung Fu and modern technology, the gang, keeps the police in tenterhooks always. The Chennai police appoint a special team under the able guidance of Nasser to nab the culprits.

With this being the scenario, Jiiva is taught Kung Fu by the not-so-well-to-do master Selva. Since no one is interested in learning the martial art, Selva’s financial conditions are poor. To bring in more students for his master, Jiiva displays his skills among his friends in the area. Seeing him fight with people, Pooja Hegde, Nasser’s daughter, gets him jailed. On his release, Jiiva goes in search of her to wreck his revenge but falls in love with her instantly. With Pooja thinking him to be a rowdy, Jiiva wears a mask to meet her. At one such visit, he chances upon two gangsters from Narain’s camp and uses his skills to nab them and hands them over to the police before vanishing.

From the culprits nabbed, Nasser finds out about the entire gang and when he goes to the Commissioner’s Office with the file, he gets shot by one of the gangsters. Pooja and police get to see Jiiva in this spot incidentally and it becomes imperative for him to wear on the mask forever so that he can find out more about the gangsters. Jiiva also gains access to the file that Nasser had on the spot and is shocked to find details about his master Selva in it. He immediately goes to ask Selva about this.

Who is Selva? What is his connection with Narain? Did the police manage to capture the gang? Did Jiiva disclose his love to Pooja? The answer to all this forms the second part of Mugamoodi.

This Superhero is not the one to wear a mask and do gravity-defying stunts as in Hollywood flicks. Mysskin has shown him to be an ordinary hero who use his skills and mask to get himself out of troubles and this effort by the director has to be lauded.

Mysskin has set the screenplay in his usual style by including the camera angles, bar dance, and physically-challenged people.

The first part of Mugamoodi goes about in jet speed with the fast-moving scenes, Kung Fu fights, mesmerizing songs, romance and comedy scenes. For instance, the scene in which Jiiva goes to thrash the heroine and receives a good beating from her is enjoyable.

There are just two songs in the film and the director has placed them well. For this, cinematographer Sathya and music director K has extended all support. In action sequences, particularly, both of them have done a good job and have proved their mettle.

Director Mysskin has included several characters in the film like one grandfather playing a scientist, the other a make-up artiste and costume designer, the Kung Fu specialist hero and villain gang just for the sake of making the story logical. Though he took care of characterization very well, Mysskin has faltered in the later part with some scenes being illogical and the screenplay going wayward.

The director must have intended to show Narain as a boisterous baddie and has included scenes in which he hammers his opponents. But this simply does not gel well with the story. Likewise, Narain mouthing the same dialogues repeatedly in the end to show himself as a psycho is irritating.

The climax could have been made more interesting and with more logic considering the fast pace of the story.

Positive: Interesting first part, Kung Fu fights, Jiiva and Pooja’s meeting, characterization, background scores, songs, cinematography.

Negative: The slow screenplay during the second half, illogical scenes, and the uninteresting climax.

In total: Barring a few minor negatives, the film seems to be an enjoyable fare.

Release date: August 31, 2012
Certificate: U
Running time: 2 hours 42 minutes
Genre: Action thriller
Producer: UTV Motion Pictures
Director: Mysskin
Stars: Jiiva, Pooja Hegde, Narain, Nasser, Selva
Music: K
Cinematography: Sathya

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