Rigours Jiiva Underwent for Mugamoodi

Rigours Jiiva Underwent for Mugamoodi

News 29-Aug-2012 9:49 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When we hear about the rigours Jiiva had to undergo for Mugamoodi, seems like it is not easy to play a Superhero. The star flew down to Hong Kong where he was fitted on the Superhero outfit. This costume session lasted for about eight hours before the costume designer Gaebriella could finalise on the one that suited Jiiva perfectly.

Prior to this session, Gaebriella and her team researched and worked for about six months to get the perfect costume designed for Mugamoodi. The outfit comprises a suit, mask, cape and belt and all these were made after careful consideration of director Mysskin’s requirements. We hear that Gaebriella had made 12 suits and 30 masks out of which one was selected.

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