18 Vayasu – Review

filmmaking is ok!

Reviews 25-Aug-2012 11:09 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Love and affection changes any type of situation within a few minutes! An 18-year-old gets this love and affection, which he should’ve during the childhood days and later is deprived of it. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

This is not the usual story that deals with the mother-son affection… the mother is a loud-mouth, loveless and a vain woman while the father showers his love on the son, Karthik.Due to this, the father is everything for the son. He raises the son by telling him fantasy stories which further endears him to the son. But, the father could not bear his wife’s infidelity and commits suicide. After his father’s death, the mother raises the son very strictly as she doesn’t want him to interfere in her illicit relationships. Due to this, the son is affected psychologically. He imagines himself as any living being that he fancies. In this situation, the heroine, Gayathri, enters his life. Her late dad’s friend tries to lure her to fulfil his lewd desires… With no family to support her, Gayathri falls in love with Karthik. While she thinks of him as her saviour, Karthik fantasises a life with her. At one point of time, Gayathri requests Karthik to take her somewhere. In the meantime, Karthi, angered by his mother’s behaviour, bites her to death.

After this incident, he goes to meet Gayathri with the intention of eloping with her but on seeing his mouth smeared with blood, she backs off. The police begin chasing him and a lady doctor tries to save him. But the hero’s sole aim seems to be to get back the lost love and affection that the heroine showered on him. Will he succeed in it?Johnny, who plays Karthik, has gelled with the character so well right from the first scene where he chases the stray dog barking like it. He also captures our attention in scenes where he is subdued by his dad’s love and angered by his mother’s behaviour. When his love fails, he goes about taking the advice of a mentally retarded friend. In all these scenes, he has proved his mettle as an actor. The heroine acts according to the requirements of the story. The policeman acts to meet his selfish needs. The doctor, who doesn’t see the hero as a murderer, but as a patient. And the comedy scenes by the mentally retarded friend are all highlights of the film.

Cinematography and background music are the biggest plus. The way the songs have been filmed are simply superb. Director Paneerselvam had wanted to give a very different film and has really worked hard for it. But there are some illogical scenes in the film which make it a little substandard. The climax is also a bit boring! But the filmmaking is ok!

Release: August 24, 2012
Actors: John, Gayathri, Rohini
Director: R.Paneer Selvam
Music:Dinesh and Charles Bosco
Cinematography:Sakthi Banner:Nic Arts Producer:S.S.Chakravarthy

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