Actress Shreya Saran Is in the News Again..

Actress Shreya Saran Is in the News Again..

News 23-Aug-2012 5:44 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

She was reported to be delivering a few punches to Kannada actor hero Prem... While many would believe this as an sequence that had been happening in reality in retaliation to her controversial photo shoot , it was only for the action sequence for the film ‘ Chandra’ produced and directed by Roopa Iyer . The pretty actress described by many as an excellent dancer probably doesn’t want to be lacked behind in terms of action too...

She trained herself intensively in ‘Kalari’ fight under the able guidance of Sagar aasan for a stretch of two months. The Choreographer of the film, Ravi Varma in coordination with the creative thoughts of the director Roopa Iyer created a concept of the ‘Kalari’ in the form of choreography. Not a wonder this concept the unit sources say since the director Roopa iyer herself has been a practitioner of this combination of arts. What next Roopa has an offer to teach Shreya saran….keep guessing.

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