Independence Day Special

Independence Day Special

Features 14-Aug-2012 5:06 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Transcending all borders including religion, caste, creed and state, the freedom fighters have won us Independence; hence, their lives will always remain a history. If the directors wish to bring to life this history through their imagination on-screen, whose history would be their first choice? Whose role would the stars prefer to essay on the silver screens? Let’s find the answer to these questions…

Gauthaman – director
“Everyone thinks that it is only Gandhi who won us the freedom, but in reality, a lot of freedom fighters were responsible for it. In history, the main focus was on Gandhi. I don’t mean that Gandhi did not fight for freedom and I never underestimate his struggles. At the same time, Subash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh did not find a prominent place in the history. Their history has been side-lined despite their fight and bravery to face the English. It is due to this, people today have failed to realise their sacrifices. Some people feel that Gandhi attained freedom for us through fasting and Ahmisa and this was acquired easily. It is only because of this, the youth of today do not have the guts that Bhagat Singh and Subash Chandra Bose exuded. The main reason for this is that their histories have not been told completely. It is also the reason for the current pathetic economic situation in the country where only 100 people enjoy the riches that should be shared with 100 crore people. Therefore, as a director, I wish to make a film on Bhagat Singh and Subash Chandra Bose!”

Nitin Sathya - Actor
“If there is a chance to portray the role of a clam and peaceful freedom fighter, then it has to be the character of Gandhi, because when we think of peace, Gandhi instantly comes to our mind. At the same time, if youngsters like us get an opportunity to play a freedom fighter, our first choice would be Subash Chandra Bose because bravery always has a strong place in my heart and soul.”

Monica - Actress
“I’ve come to know about the freedom fighters only through school books. Therefore, I don’t know how they looked or anything about their character. Perhaps, if I had lived in that era, I would have taken in their characteristics and acted when an opportunity was presented to me. If I am asked to act now, I may do it as an actress but there not be any truth in it.

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