Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai - Review

Can see the film once

Reviews 10-Aug-2012 7:10 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director PV Prasad managed to garner the attention of the movie buffs with Kadhalil Vizhundhein and now he has come up with Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai. As like his first film, Prasad has taken up a love subject this time too.

The hero, who is dobhi, falls in love with the rich heroine on first sight and follows her. He also enrols in the same college where the heroine studies just to be close to her. To capture her attention, the hero helps her find her lost chain. He also wears the clothes of his clients and one day gets caught when the owner of the dress that he wears to college corners him. The owner has his clothes removed due to which the hero stands half-naked in the college washroom making his realise his poor and pitiable condition. He finally manages to capture the heroine’s attention by owning up a fault that was committed by her. Following this, the hero becomes close to the heroine and her friend who lives with her in the same house. One fine day, he goes to visit his friends at their house and by chance manages to see the heroine taking her bath. The friend sees this and fights with the hero the next day at college. Since the heroine’s dad and his dad are close buddies, the friend has a watchful eye on the heroine. Therefore, he could not tolerate the hero’s actions and badgers him for not knowing the meaning of friendship. But the friend does not disclose the real reason for the fight to the heroine.

Realising his mistake, the hero meets the friend to disclose his love for the heroine and asks for his help. But the friend insults him and decides to tell the matter to the heroine. This meeting soon turns violent and eventually leads to the death of the friend.

The scared hero tries to cover up the murder by destroying all evidence. With the friend dead, the hero tries to get closer to the heroine by cooking up stories about the dead friend. Due to this, the heroine starts falling in love with him. However, a detective agent is employed to find out the real culprit and when the hero comes to know about this, tries to finish him off with a lethal injection. On the other side, the police try to find out the real culprit.

The hero’s life turns topsy-turvy due to a murder committed in a fit of rage. But his one-point goal seems to be the heroine and goes to the point of doing anything just to get her. Did the murder mystery get solved? Did the hero manage to get the heroine? All this forms the climax of Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai.

Positives: The screenplay is gains speed after the interval. The hero and heroine’s natural acting, the cinematography which equals the swiftness of the film’s story and the film’s climax.

Negatives: The first half moves slowly with scenes that we are used to seeing in various films before. Illogical scenes in various places.

In Total: The film is like an interesting crime novel. The love in the film guarantees entertainment. Can see the film once.

Did you know? Cinematographer SD Vijay Milton has not only handled the camera for Eppadi Mansukkul Vandhai but has also penned the dialogues.

Release: August 10, 2012
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Genre: Love Thriller
Certificate: U/A
Actors: Vishwa, Tanvi Vyas
Director: PV Prasad
Music: AJ Daniel
Cinematography: Vijay Milton
Producer: MK Enterprises, Shri Movie Makers

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