Priyamani - Interview

Priyamani - Interview

Features 10-Aug-2012 12:15 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Charulatha has brought you back to limelight… tell us about the film…
The film is about conjoined twins. I think that this subject has been handled in India for the first time. The film has adequate scope for performance and has the glamour element too...

Who are your co-stars in this film?
Skanda Ashok makes his debut in Kannada and Saranya madam plays my mother... For other details you’ll have to watch the film.

You are acting as conjoined twins… did you have to undergo any special training?
No special training... but took a lot of pains to get my role right while acting. I had a makeup test which was pivotal for the role. Since I acted without opting for a dupe, I had to put in a lot of efforts. Also, I had to take care that the both the characters played by me looked different and had different mannerisms. Graphics will play an important role in the film too.

Why is it that Tamil audiences did not get to see you in Tamil films after Raktha Charithram?
The directors and producers would’ve certainly approached me if they had a role suitable for me. So, this question is best answered by directors and producers and not me.

What makes you go glamorous in Telugu?
I never went too glamorous in Telugu. But, yes, for some films I went the glam route because the script demanded it. But what's wrong in it? Why target me just ‘cos I have worn modern clothes? There’s nothing wrong in it. Not just in Telugu, I have done glam roles in Tamil films like Malaikottai and Aarumugam too.

Any regrets that you can’t continue as a top slot heroine in Kollywood?
When was I in the top slot to have any regrets?

What other movies are you currently associated with other than Charulatha?
For now it is Charulatha. Scripts are being discussed in all languages...will commit to films immediately if I like the script.

‘The actress who gave strict and right answers gave a limited smile while we left.”

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