Karuppampatti - Music Review

Karuppampatti - Music Review

Features 9-Aug-2012 2:30 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ajmal plays dual roles in Karuppampatti, produced by Sundar Pictures and directed by Prabhu Raja Chozhan.Kannan who has scored the music for films like Thamizh Padam and Azhagan Azhagi has scored the music for this film. Kabilan has penned the lyrics for all the songs in this film which is set in village and foreign backdrop.

1. Adeleru Kaliyellam...
Singers: Mukesh

This song, which seems to be the intro for the hero, belongs to the Kuthu genre. The number is replete with the drum beats coupled with western music which gives us the feeling of having heard such songs before. Since this song is about a village history, it has the potential of attracting the music buffs.

2. Naughty Raja Raja...
Singers: Bappi Lahiri

The song, rendered by Bappi Lahiri with his magnetic voice, has garnered the attention of the music buffs already. Since there are some scenes about the life of college students in the 1980s, the music director wanted Bappi Lahiri to render the song. For this number, an extravagant disco hall has been erected and hence it is also expected to be a visual treat.

3. Hey Papapa...
Singers: Karthik, Sayanora Philip

Karthik has changed his voice a little for this rendition which makes this song different. Adding to this is Sayanora Philip’s sexy voice that makes the song likeable. Seems to be a contest song between the hero and heroine. This song also reminds us of the 1980s setup.

4. Kannama Chinna Ponnamma...
Singers: Suchitra, Priya, Thilaka, Anitha

The song begins with the laughter of village belles and ends with it. Perhaps this is a rendition of the girls chasing the hero to drench him in turmeric water. The number is too short that it ends even before we start to enjoy.

5. Karuppampatti Karuppampatti...
Singers: Naveen, Mukesh, Suchitra

Karuppampatti Karuppampatti looks like a village function song. Since we have seen and heard such kind of songs a numerous times before, it fails to impress us. If the director has made effort to visualize this song differently, then it may attract the audiences.

6. Oh Indhira...
Singers: Karthik, Sayanora Philip

Oh Indhira is the bigger of the Hey Papapa song in this album. While in the previous song, it was Karthik beginning the rendition, this song starts off with Sayanora’s humming. Other than this, there is no big difference. Perhaps the contest that begins in Hey Papapa comes to an end in Oh Indhira which turns it into a duet.

Verdict: Music director Kannan has tried to mix kuthu and western music to satisfy the fans. But, other than Bappi Lahiri’s song all other songs fails to impress us.

Banner: Sundar Pictures
Production: Sundar K
Direction: Tha Prabhu Raja Chozhan
Star-Casts: Ajmal, Aparna Bajpai, MS Baskar, 'Nandu' Jegan
Music: Kannan

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