Total Recall - Review

Those wanting complete entertainment must see the film!

Reviews 4-Aug-2012 4:55 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Total Recall (2012) is the remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer Total Recall which hit the screens in 1990. Len Wisemen, who was the art director for films like Godzilla, Men in Black and Independence Day and director of Diehard 3 and Underworld Revolution has directed this remake. Let’s check out how this films fares…

Douglas, the main protagonist in the film, is a confused man with some unexplained dreams. Living in the 21st century, he travels from his colony to the United Federation of Britain through The Fall. The Fall is the only passage that connects these two colonies – The UFB and Australia as these are places that still have oxygen left to breathe.

He travels all the way to make Robots while his wife Lori is a policewoman. One fine day, Douglas loses his job and goes to the bar to get drunk. He suddenly gets the desire to see the Total Recall, a place that has the machine which has the capability to change us according to our thoughts. When at the Recall, Douglas tells its owner that he wants to become a secret service agent as per his frequent dreams.

His wish is fulfilled but what happen later on is full of mayhem. Douglas is caught in an identity crisis not realising if he is Douglas or Ghouse. He is also caught up in several mysterious circumstances and one such being his own wife Lori trying to kill him. The rest of the story is about Douglas’ pursuit to find out his true identity and how he saves the colony from the baddies.

Like Triangle, Inception and Source Code, the screenplay is very confusing. Though the story is unbelievable, the director tries to capture our attention through the use of technology. For example, The Fall lift which helps people to travel from one part of the earth to another, on placing the hand on a mirror it turns into a computer monitor, the video recording from the piano etc., are innovative, no doubt.

Positives: Though it is a confusing story, it has been picturized convincingly. Usage of latest technologies has upped the interest levels. Background scores and selection of artistes are the other pluses.

Negatives: The twists in the script remind us of having seen it in some other films. Action sequences have been filmed like video games. Story is illogical at places.

In total: Those wanting complete entertainment must see the film!

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