Mirattal - Review

It is the wish of each individual to see or not to see this film.

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Director R Madhesh, who had directed Vijay in Mathura and Vijayakanth in Arasangam, has now come up with Mirattal. Vinay is desperate for the hit in Tamil as his last outing Modhi Vilayadu did not do good business at the box office. Since Mirattal is an important film in both their careers, let’s check out the film.

Shankar Dada (Prabhu) and Suri (Pradeep Rawath) are the biggest rowdies in the area. When Suri’s son murders Shankar Dada’s henchman, he retaliates by murdering Suri’s son. Seeking vengeance for this son’s death, Suri plans to kill Shankar Dada’s sister Deepika (Sharmila Mandre). Realising that Suri would seek revenge, Shankar brings back his sister from London and keeps her at his home. While this is so, Pandiarajan sends his son Vinay to Shankar for work.

Vinay is employed to count the money that Shankar and his associates loot along with Santhanam and others. He introduces currency counting machines and others technology to count the money and also saves them from the Income Tax raid. All this, draws the hero closer to the heroine and the two fall in love.

In between this, we get to see the villain’s man looking for the right opportunity to kill Deepika. The sad part is that he is unable to shoot her till the last. Not knowing all this, Shankar arranges for Deepika’s wedding and fixes the NRI Rishi as her groom.

Deepika immediately leaves for Pazhani where she marries the hero. But before that she writes a letter that she’s being kidnapped. While Shankar goes looking for his sister, Suri and men follow her car to kill her. After the ensuing fight, Shankar finally manages to bring Deepika back home and here comes the interval.

The hero and heroine do not disclose about their marriage but spin a story that he was there to save her from the kidnappers. This helps him settle in the same house once again. In this situation, the NRI groom arrives to India.

Did Suri manage to settle scores with Shankar? Will Shankar accept his sister and her husband? What happens to the NRI groom all forms the climax of the film.

What works: Prabhu’s uncle Mansoor Ali Khan, henchman Ganja Karuppu, Vinay’s mom Uma Padhmanabhan, dad Pandiarajan, friend Santhanam who all make brief appearances here and there.

What Doesn't work: The same old predictable screenplay, editing, cinematography, songs, background music and the list goes on…

Verdict: It is the wish of each individual to see or not to see this film.

Release: August 2, 2012
Actors: Vinay Rai, Sharmila Mandre, Santhanam
Director: R Madhesh
Music: Praveen Mani
Cinematography: D Kannan
Producer: Media One Global Entertainment Ltd

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