Naan Ee

It is a must watch; at least once

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Samantha starts an NGO along with her friends to help the differently-abled to pursue their education. Nani is her neighbour who is a party decorator. Samantha visits Sudeep, a construction company owner, seeking donations for her NGO. On meeting Samantha, Sudeep predictably falls madly in love with her. He uses his financial status to woo her but realises that Samantha and Nani are in love for over two years without disclosing their love to each other. Sudeep decides to do away with Nani so that it would be easy to claim Samantha’s hands. In the meantime, Samantha decides to disclose her love for Nani and tries to contact him. Unfortunately, Sudeep’s thugs aim to murder Nani before Samantha could profess her love. Right at the nick of the moment when he is about to die, Samantha’s ‘I Love You’ message reaches Nani’s mobile. The soul departs and lands in a housefly egg at a trash bin nearby. Nani gets a new lease of life as a housefly. Being a housefly, he later torments Sudeep every day. At one point of time, the housefly goes to the extent of killing Sudeep and confesses who he is and Samantha also comes to know about it. How Samantha and Nani, in the form of housefly, wreck their vengeance on Sudeep forms the rest of the story.

SS Rajamouli’s taut screenplay, Sudeep’s extraordinary acting skills, excellent visual effects. Maragadhamani’s music brings the audiences to the edge of their seats. Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is a visual treat and the list goes on…

Nothing that is worth mentioning here.

In Total:
For movie buffs who rely on Hollywood films for best graphics, Naan Ee is an example that such films can be made here on a reasonable budget. It is a must watch; at least once.

Did you know?
The director of Naan Ee, SS Rajamouli, has given five consecutive blockbusters in Telugu. This film is also released in Telugu under the title Eega. If Naan Ee joins this list, then Rajamouli will have the distinction of giving two consecutive hat-tricks.

Producer:PVP Cinemas
Director:SS Rajamouli
Stars:Sudeep, Samantha, Nani, Santhanam
Music director:Maragadhamani

Release:July 6, 2012
Time:2 hours 14 minutes

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